What’s the Best Roof for the Pacific Northwest Climate?

Rain, wind, snow – even the occasional burst of sun. They all combine to put wear on your roof, and if you choose the wrong materials for our Pacific Northwest climate, you’ll spend more time, money, and frustration.

Choosing the right roof could be as simple as looking around the neighborhood. Cedar shake, for instance, has been popular here for decades because of its good looks and famous durability. You probably won’t see much concrete, as these roofs tend to absorb water and won’t hold up well in our wet heaven.

Beyond aesthetics, what other considerations are there when choosing roofing material? Consider first your home’s structure. Most older homes weren’t built for some of the heavier roof options available today, or the slope might be wrong for your first choice. To keep down the costs of re-roofing, work with your contractor to choose a material that fits your slope, pitch, budget, and style.

Do you have a homeowner’s association?

Some neighborhood associations and communities have restrictions on what kinds of materials you can use. These bylaws are meant to enforce a standard look in the neighborhood and materials are less likely to be a factor than the overall appearance and configuration.

Asphalt is a great value

If cost is your first consideration, you still won’t have to sacrifice style for a durable roof that will resist whatever the Northwest weather hurls at it. Asphalt comes in a variety of styles, some even mimic the look of traditional clay and cedar tiles. Asphalt shingles reinforced with fiberglass can last for up to thirty years and are incredibly wind resistant. Asphalt also has superb water-shedding properties – perfect for all of us here in BC.

Cedar shake and shingles are classic

Many older homes in the area have been roofed with cedar shake or shingles. Popularity of cedar roofing took a dive some years back but has returned with the availability of more sustainably-sourced materials. Cedar is renewable, beautiful, and wonderfully resistant to the effects of moisture and pests.

Clay tiles – expensive but elegant

Clay tiles are traditionally more expensive and heavier than other roofing materials, but a well-maintained clay roof can last for 100 years. Modern clay tiles are lighter than ever and some suppliers even offer extra-light versions with the same classic look and incredible durability of heavier tiles. Clay has excellent water-shedding properties when it’s been fired and sealed properly. If it’s within your budget, it makes an excellent roof.

Metal is nicer than you might think

Metal has always been great and it’s getting better. Modern metal roofs are available in a wide variety of colors and are coated with resins that prevent premature aging and fading from sun or moisture. While more expensive than some roofing materials, metal can last for over 100 years with care and maintenance.

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