Calculate the Real Cost of Your New Roof

It’s impossible for us to predict exactly how much your roof will cost without visiting your home and seeing it ourselves. But for budgeting purposes you can approximate the total cost based on the size of your home, existing material, and your choice of new roofing.

An average roof in the Vancouver area is 2200-2400 square feet, what roofers would call 22-24 squares. (100 square feet = 1 square)

Most of the costs associated with a new roof will be calculated based on your roof’s number of squares. Other considerations that add to the cost include the slope of your roof and the number of layers to be removed.

Annual cost

Rather than simply look at the upfront cost of roof installation, it’s preferable to calculate the cost based on the total life of your roof. This will give you the annual cost – a number which is more revealing than the price.

Let’s take two examples:

A single-story home with 24 squares of roof could be covered in affordable asphalt for $125 per square. The total cost of materials for this house is $3000.

An asphalt roof lasts about 30 years. $3000/30 years = $100 per year

The same home covered with clay tiles at $250 per square will cost $6250 in materials.

But a clay roof can last much longer, 100 years or more with proper maintenance. $6250/100 years = $62.50 per year

In the above examples we’ve only calculated materials. What other costs are associated with a new roof?

  • Removal of the old roof – approximately $100 – $150 per square (asphalt, single-story)
  • Replacement of plywood decking – approximately $50 per sheet
  • Permits – approximately $100-$300
  • Additional charges for steep slopes, multiple layers to be removed, and number of stories.

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